At the and of the IX century and at the X century epigraphic is become popular type of decoration. The dishes were decorated with Hadises the words of Islamic scientists and proverbs. Ceramic dishes were found few than inSamarkandandTashkent, but they were with Arabian writing (letters) for example there were written words like these: -Modesty is the symbol of conviction (belief); Miserliness is the symbol of poverty; – Generous man will be generous if he is damaged.

Rishton is the ciny of skilled potters. TheschoolofRishtanpotterycreated masters such Master potters Ibrohim Komilov, Ashurali Yoldjshev, Sharafiddin Yusupov, Tohir Haydarov, Alisher Nazirov and Rustam Usmonov. The masters of Rishtan have kept traditions of their teachers and nowadays they are teaching the youth ancient and modern secrets of pottery. Yusufjon Ismoilov, Mirzomazkhar Akramov, Dilshod Kuchkarov are the young generation of Rishton pottery.


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