Big Apple Music Award 2012

   Big Apple Music Awards Foundation has announced the artist line-up for the Big Apple Music Awards 2012 —a historic celebration of peace, music and common ground—coming to the Millennium Theatre at New York on Sunday, December 2 at 7:00 p.m. The all-star lineup scheduled to perform includes Persian Sensation Andy, The Queen of Caucasian Music Briliant Dadashova, Shani Rigsbee is currently at the red-hot epicenter of a rising power pack of American stars that are equally fluent on stage and screen, in acting and music, Central Asian princess Firuza Jumaniyazova, one of Israel’s leading singers of Mizrahi Music-Dudu Aharon, the King of Central Asian Music-Sadreddin, Firuza Hafizova, most popular Afghan singer Jawid Sharif, Latina rising star Bomba Lia.


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